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Kei Yamasaki


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I am a Kobe-based psychotherapist and counsellor offering individual therapy both online and in-person. I trained in existential therapy at the New School for Psychotherapy and Counselling in London. For more information on existential therapy click here. I am a member of the BACP and prior to opening my private practice I worked with a variety of clients at a low-cost therapy non-profit in London. I am currently working on my doctoral dissertation researching power dynamics in consensually non-monogamous relationships. 


My route to becoming a therapist was largely driven by an interest in philosophy. As an undergraduate I took a philosophy course and slowly realized that what I enjoyed about it was how it could provide various lenses and alternative perspectives. It gave me better insight into myself and how I interacted with the world around me. It was not until several years after graduating that I heard of existential therapy. I found that it was remarkably similar to how I wanted to integrate philosophy into my life. Going forward from that point as both a client and therapist, my pre-conceived ideas about what therapy was shifted from old-fashioned Freudian chaise-lounges to exploring what felt more applicable. From both sides of the therapy room I have seen the variety of impacts that therapy can have.  

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