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Terms and Conditions


All our sessions are confidential, and your privacy will always be respected. Confidentiality extends as far as not revealing to anyone whether you are my client or not, and of course includes not discussing our sessions with anyone. 

The only person I would discuss any aspect of our sessions with is my clinical supervisor, as required by ethical and regulatory standards. However, I will not reveal your name or any other identifying details.

Situations when confidentiality would be broken are when your or another’s life is in danger, or if there are serious child protection concerns. However, if  possible, I would talk to you first and involve you in the decision to break confidentiality.


You can pay by cash or bank transfer, either on a session by session basis, or blocks of sessions in advance. Please ensure that you make payment for each session on or before the day of the session.


If you do not pay for two sessions in a row, I will not be able to offer you another session until the outstanding amount has been cleared unless we have made an alternative arrangement. 


You will be charged the full fee for all sessions that are cancelled or missed, unless 48 hours notice is given. 

If you miss or cancel more than 4 sessions in a row, I will no longer hold your regular time slot for you. 

I will give you as much notice as possible if I plan to be away and will inform you as soon as I can if I have to cancel your session in an emergency.

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